Design Tips From a Builder

  • Are you designing your dream home and want to make sure you have left no stone unturned?
  • Would you like to make sure your home's design in a cost effective way when it comes to contruation?
  • Are you looking for new and innovative ways to give you home the WOW factor?
  • Or would you like some idea on change that will not add cost but still make a big difference to functionality and feel.
  • Maybe you haven't even starting design your home and need some guidance.
If this sounds like you why not get Daniel Simone to review your plans or partner with Daniel and design your home from scratch and give you a experienced builder point of view to help bring your design to the next level and maybe even save you some money.

Daniel knowledge for building and passion for design makes for an exciting outcome.

Our Options

How can Daniel help you?

No phone talk


Daniel will review your plans and commitments and provide feedback, ideas and plan markups via email.

Phone Talk


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Daniel will review your plans and commitments and provide feedback, ideas and plan markups via email and 30 min phone call

Start From Scratch


Partner with Daniel and design your home dream home includes up to 3 review and 3 30 mins phone calls

Engage Daniel to manage your project design all the way until DA approval: price upon application

How It Works

1. Submit your plans for review

If there are any specific things you would like reviewed add comments around what you looking for feed back on.

Note: No comments are needed only if you would like

2. Invoice sent

Invoice will be sent for payment to be maybe. Note: Work will not commence until payment has been maybe.

3. Review Commences

Daniel will start reviewing your plans

4. Review sent back

Feedback, Markups and Comments sent back

5. Phone Call Booked

Book and have your phone call with Daniel to discuss his review

Get Started Now

Get Started

    Express Your Interest to Work with Daniel

    Fill out the form & once received and review Daniel will email you invoice at that point you can email back the receipt of payment with your plans and comments.



    Terms & Conditions

    I agree to the Terms & Conditions

    • Daniel is not a registered architect
    • Daniel is providing his opinion only
    • Daniel is not responsible for any CDC or council regulation or restrictions
    • Daniel is no responsible for any approvals
    • You do not have to take any of Daniel option(s) / opinions on board

    Preferred Option

    No Phone TalkPhone TalkStart From Scratch


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