Your builder is not out to get you

The Builder Is Not Out To Get You

I have read so many posts and building forums. It seems like there are a few people that feel like the builder is out to get them. Well, let me tell you, we’re not – the builder is not out to get you. Now before I get into this let’s just make one thing clear, I am talking about most builders and my experience as a professional builder, and not the small minority of people who do wrong.

Now I want to try and play devil’s advocate. I want to give you a builder’s point of view and one from the client as well.

The Clients Perspective

Let’s begin with the client. Now it doesn’t make it any easier that we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney.  After saving and saving and saving and still barely having enough to finally getting your own place. You then often have to wait over 12 months for your land to register. During those months you need to find a builder and understand what all their inclusions are. It is important to try and figure out who has what included and who doesn’t.
After settling on a builder it’s time for you colour appointment, where you find out things you thought were included are not. You have to pay extra and things you wanted to add are just going to blow the budget. Now (finally) your land is registered and your builder can access the site. Then you are hit will extra for slab upgrade, extra for drop edge beams, extra for cut and fill and extra, extra for more piering and extra for dirt removal. After going through all of this, I can clearly understand how people can feel like the builder is out to get them.

The Builders Perspective

Now from the builder point of view. Every single person out there that is looking to build is looking to build something different. From 1st home buys to 4th home buys, and investors – everyone is building for a different reason and they all want different inclusion. As a builder, we have to start with as essentials and also add inclusions that appear to fit most individuals needs.
Unfortunately, this can make the client feel like every little thing is an extra. The fact is every little thing may not be right for every person. If the block is unregistered and the builder can not get access then there are things that can not be worked out 100% until the land registers. Things like final RLs, soil classification, cut and fill and drop edge beams. Once the builder is able to determine all of these things, then they are able to make you aware of these pricings.

The Builder Is Not Out To Get You

When building a new home there is a lot to get done to determine or finalise a price. This is why it is a great idea to build a good and trusted relationship with your builder.
A respectful builder will bring up all of the little possible extras right from the beginning. They will try and help you understand and allow for them in your budget. This will help avoid those nasty surprises later down the track and to help make sure your building journey isn’t like the horror stories you’ve read on forums.
It takes time to find the builder that is right for you. Don’t be conned by the lowest price. At the end of the day, you need to be sure that the builder you choose is the best fit for your needs and can help you build the perfect home for you.




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